Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Weekly Clean-Up

-  So the MLB play-offs were going better than the previous round, but sheesh.
-  I received a gift from a lady friend.    

The starting center fielder on my all-time team was a nice bonus.  

The card I had asked for was a custom In Memoriam Lyman Bostock.  

The maker runs a blog:

Julie's blog if you wish to see the card:

-  So I watched the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.  Didn't get much done for a few days.  But I made it to the post office on Friday, so somebody should finally get his Ten On the Tenth cards in a few days.             

-  I see pink.  Seems like a good time to mention Collecting Cutch and Save Second Base.

-  Also on Friday (yesterday), I received another Cardbarrel order.  So I'll be showing some of those cards soon.  


  1. Hey Jeff - don't we want to see the Stros and Dodgers go at it? Would make for some great viewing. EM- glad you liked. ;)

  2. I liked it better when you posted pics of sports WAGs lol.

    Nice Mays. I was just telling Matt that those green Hygrade cards came with my first-ever baseball card album.

    1. Schmidt has always been the pic for my clean-up posts.

      The WAGs have been for Cardbarrel posts.

  3. I haven't watched or paid any attention to the hearings, but of course I'm not very politically minded, so that might have a little something to do with it. I am curious to know what you've thought about them though, any hot takes?

    1. Not really. The Dems couldn't attack her qualifications or her character so they fell back on the timing and how they think she'll rule on certain cases. A lot of time wasted on political speeches instead of asking her questions, and too many questions that she had already said she wouldn't answer (Ginsburg Rule).