Saturday, March 20, 2021

Notice to Readers

Apparently I got a lot of comments that I never saw.  I thought I had it set for comments more than two days after a post to trigger an email notification so I would know about them and approve their publication.  But the notifications went to a different section of the blog menu page without any kind of sign that they were there.  So I never knew I got them.  

Anyway, I wasn't ignoring anybody.  Credit to Jon for alerting me that something was amiss.  

This is a boring post.  So here's Anna Silk as a flight attendant:


  1. I've been told by a few people that they don't receive notifications when I leave a comment. Not sure why Blogger doesn't like me... but it's not gonna stop me from leaving comments either.

    1. I never get emails from your comments and a couple others. Weird.

    2. Ditto - I never get emails when you comment

  2. I get that a lot when certain people comment. I always check my comments section now on the blog stats page. Fuji above is one for sure that never goes to my email

  3. I'm pretty sure I left a couple of comments that went unapproved. I'm just looking for your mailing address for a couple of cards you claimed when you get a chance. Thanks!