Thursday, March 11, 2021

Recent Collection Additions


So yeah - I got another batch of baseball cards from an online store.  31 this time.



-  Blue for my Cy Young collection.  Got a couple others on the cheap.

-  Allen is a place holder for my MVP collection.  

-  My Palmer collection has certainly improved the last couple weeks, with his 1970 (from my dealer), 1978 (this one), and 1979 Topps (also in this order).    

-  Rose as a 3B.  Also got him as an Expo.     

-  The Legend. Also got his 1982 Donruss (Rangers).  Have him as a Mariner.

-  The inventor of the high five.  Got him with Oakland too. 

-  Three Gwynns.  The other is a Diamond King.

-  This and another Pujols.         

-  This Verlander and another one as a Tiger.  He's married.


  1. You definitely hit above the "Mendoza Line" w/ these cards.

  2. I always had to wonder if that really was the best Rose photo they could get that year... Good cards. The photo on the Vida Blue card is great. Good post.

    1. Yeah, that's definitely a case of player's accomplishments over photo quality.


  3. Wow. I was going to comment on that Vida, but I kind of got distracted.

    1. The first one is Ryan Braun's wife.

      Then Kate Upton because she's married to Verlander.

  4. I must be getting older than I think I am, because I just don't get all of the buzz over Justin's wife. I'm sure she's a nice person and all, but looks-wise, I feel like she's just kind of average. Unless of course that's the appeal?

  5. The Topps Gwynn is my least favorite as far as his cards go. There must've been a better photo choice. Great 73! The hitter's choking up on the bat here.