Saturday, April 3, 2021

Weekly Clean-Up


-  So Opening Day in MLB happened and I sponsored a mini contest.  John Sharp won and has a PWE coming his way once I make it down to the post office.

-  Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me some free football cards:

-  I bought a couple singles from my dealer.  One was more expensive than the other:

-  Matt from Diamond Jesters sponsored a blog bat-around on April Fool's Day.  I did not participate because I was doing my own AFD post on the passing of the fictitious Max Keller.

-  Not thrilled about the 17th NFL game.  

-  I got a couple shipments from online dealers that I'll talk about in future posts. 

-  Found a free Scrabble site.  Something to do while I'm watching cable news and Murder, She Wrote re-runs.       

-   Jesus getting all this attention for coming back even though Lazarus did it first.  #SMH   


  1. Holy Cow, what a way to get welcomed back home from a week in Idaho... THANKS!
    Go Tigers!

  2. Elvin Hayes doesn't get nearly the amount of hobby love that he should.

  3. Haven't watched Murder, She Wrote in a long, long time. If I stumble across it on Hulu or Netflix, I'll have to add it to my playlist.