Friday, March 18, 2022

Holiday Splurge Fail


So I took the trolley to Target, thinking I'd splurge on blaster boxes.  But it was not to be.  No baseball, basketball, or football on the shelf at all.  Just a few hockey products.  Not to be denied, I noticed a cart of random stuff waiting to be shelved and in it was a hanger box of basketball cards.  So I grabbed that and a fat pack of hockey cards.  Let's look at some highlights.   

2020 - 21 Panini Chronicles Basketball

-  The collation was horrible, with 3 Payton Pritchards and 4 guys with 2 each in a 30-card box.  But I'll take 2 Durants.

-  Several different designs, which probably aren't shown very well here.  

-  Not a fan of the Ball family, so I'll try to flip that LaMelo RC.  

-  Not a fan of LeBron either.  An all-time great though. 

-  Tyrese Maxey on that last card. 

-  It was very rookie-heavy.  Not sure if it's always that way, or just the one I got. 

2021 - 22 OPC Hockey

-  It was a 48-card pack.  A bit underwhelming, so I put most of them in my trader box. 

-  The Tkachuk is a Retro parallel.  

On a more positive note, Santa Patrick Claus treated me to some books from Barnes and Noble:

(Yes, I still had a gift card from Christmas.)


  1. If you're looking to trade Kirill or Edwards, maybe we can work something out.

    1. Not right now. Maybe later.

      I do have some Vikings swatches I'd let go for a good return: 2 Dalvin Cooks and a John Randle.

  2. Hope you make big $$$ on the Ball. I found some Opening Day on the Target website a few days ago. 22 packs for $20. Glad to see that from Topps.

    1. Knowing me, I won't get much for it. Ha.

      Might have to check the Target website.

  3. The Chronicles checklist is hilariously rookie focused (at least 90% of the checklist) and most of the key rookies have a card in almost every design imaginable. I might need one or more of the Pritchards for my Ducks collection, depending on which ones you pulled. I bought a couple of boxes of it from the Target website, but I avoided group breaks because out of a 725 (!) card checklist, there are just 7 Blazers cards and they are all Damian Lillard.

    1. Ah. So it wasn't just this batch.

      81 Threads
      278 XR
      634 Classics

  4. Looks like there's already some interest in your cards... might not be as much of a fail as you originally thought?