Sunday, March 6, 2022



First, a big box of free from Nick, of Dime Box fame.

Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey (

He offered 10 rounds of cards, and I let other people have a shot first usually, but I still ended up with 38 cards.  Then he added a bunch of extras, so the total was 80 or so.  Let us gaze at some highlights:

-  Smoltz RC

-  Murphy:  food issue with licensing and the brand logo on the front of the card.

-  Jim Morris:  The Rookie

-  Some might say Schmidt was the best ever, but I think Ruth was slightly better.

-  Anyway, a lot of other good cards - a couple more Dawsons, a Rickey, another Trout, etc.

I also made a small trade with a Canadian.

I sent him 5 Canucks cards and got back this duo:

-  Cu Jo RC

-  An upgrade for a frankenset slot.        


  1. Glad you found some cards from the giveaways, and happy to hear you need a good amount of the extras too! Always love seeing a Jim Morris card on the blogs.

  2. Nice Cujo! Lots of other good stuff here. My favorite from Nick's cards is the Ohtani rookie cup.

    1. Cool. Ohtani's a guy that I'm 'not collecting' but I add his cards when I stumble onto them.