Thursday, March 3, 2022

Trade Flurry

Continuing on the TCDB roller coaster:

Sent a Reggie Miller and a trio of Mario Lemieux cards to C.R. and got back this trio:

I sent 14 1980s football cards to Dan, a set builder, and got 5 baseball cards in return.

I sent a trio of 2019 Donruss Rated Rookie football cards to Blains and got this trio in return:

-  Small trades.  But I turned some trade box cards into keepers, so I'm happy with them.

-  I received a large package of cards from a blogger, and I should have the highlights of that posted by the end of the week.   


  1. Small trades add up over time.

    That Minoso card was very popular back when I first found the blogs. Haven't seen it much since though.

    1. It's a way to get him as a White Sock without paying a lot.

  2. I like that Hardaway. Another card I need to track down for my Golden Gate PC.

    1. The GG is on the back of some of the Giants' '93 Leaf cards. Rod Beck and Barry Bonds, for examples. But you probably have them already.