Thursday, March 24, 2022

TCDB Trade

Sent some Bears cards to Hawk King and got these in return:


-  Currently in my Giants team page.  Not sure for how long though.

-  Phillies legend

-  Like me some Tony.

-  Rip is oddly tough to get on Cardbarrel.  

-  The Arch is one of the landmarks I've kind of visited.  Drove past the Arch, was in the parking lot of the Astrodome, and in the gift shop of the Alamo. 


  1. I like me some Tony too. That Hull card is cool. Seeing it motivated me to look up the Sharks in that set to see what landmark they used for San Jose players. Sadly... they didn't use any from my hometown. Leaf decided to use photos of California redwoods... and snow covered mountains... which I assume are the Sierra Nevadas.

    1. Yeah. I don't know what it would be for San Jose. Maybe the Winchester Mystery House.

  2. From some of the comments that you've left on other people's posts, I kind of had the impression that you didn't think to highly of Mr. Flood?