Saturday, August 6, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Winners and Instructions

Final Standings:

Brett Alan - 173

Matt - 167

Bo - 166

Jafronius - 162

Fuji - 157

Nachos Grande - 149

Poison75 - 127

John Sharp - 125

Five others played at least one round. 

Bo scored the most points per entry.

Contest winner Brett Alan had a perfect page. (Yankees 2)

Jafronius had two perfect pages. (Red Sox and Yankees 2) 

I have an address for a Brett Pasternack, so I'm thinking that's probably Brett Alan. 

I have Matt's address.

I need an address for Bo (I shouldn't, but I do).

I need an address for Jafronius. 

morganyud at protonmail dot com


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for playing. It was a bit different than most of my contests.

  2. Thanks for the fun during this contest, and, congrats to the winners, well done!

    1. Thanks for playing. Saw that Miggy's going to play another season after this one.

  3. That was fun. I missed a few days while on vacation which did me in but still, it was a fun one!

    1. Yeah, I did it every day because my last long form contest was weekly, and it felt like it took too long. Might consider three times per week if I do another one. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

      Thanks for playing.

    2. Every day was great - I think it kept people engaged!

  4. Yes, Brett Pasternack is me. Address hasn't changed. But let me know if you have any questions.

    This was a lot of fun, and I'll kind of miss doing it each day. Thanks again, and congrats to the other winners!

  5. Thanks for the contest, and congrats to the other winners!

  6. Address coming later tonight. It was fun, was not expecting the Yankees pages being split. Thanks for the fun contest!

    1. And was still satisfied for placing 4th after the 2 missed games!

  7. That was a fun contest, thanks!

  8. This was super entertaining. Sad to see it end. Congratulations to the winners and thank you EM for hosting this contest.