Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sparky Lyle Contest Winnings

Yes, I won.  Because I'm awesome. 

A few blog posts and a lot of comments on Daniel's blog paid off with a generous package of cards.  

Let's look at some highlights.

-  Fisk completes 1982 Diamond Kings for me. 

-  A Phillies Rose I didn't have.  

-  He sent me four of these 1995 Diamond Kings. 

-  When I saw this Dock being offered, I started commenting.  So I missed a couple days at the beginning.

-  563 homers.

-  Harper before his promotion to the Phillies. 

-  Three of these Rated Rookies:  also Helton and Tejada.

-  A couple 2002 Topps Post:  also Sosa. 

-  Four of these Post 500 HR Club cards: also Reggie, Killebrew, and McCovey.   

-  Several Collect-a -Books.  


  1. 1st Place: Rickey Collect-A-Book
    2nd Place: 1972 Topps Dock Ellis
    3rd Place: 1984 Donruss Pete Rose

  2. My two favorites from that contest were the '59 Herb Score and the Skylines Mike Piazza. I don't even like Piazza, just the background of the card.

    1. I should have posted the Score. I put it in my Indians page so then it wasn't with the other ones when I was choosing which cards to post. Meh.

  3. It would have been an upset if you lost

    1. Nah. Matt had more points than me. I was second.

  4. And not a Sparky in sight :)