Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Clean-Up


-  More drama with the next-door apartment.  Not as bad as before, but annoying.

-  Stopped by Target to look at cell phones, but they were too expensive.  So I walked out with a Mountain Dew Code Red and a blaster of 2022 Topps Heritage.  If you're building the set, feel free to send me your needs list.  

Here are a few I plan to keep:

-  There was some kind of police stand-off next to my building Monday morning.  About 16 cops on the sidewalk focused on the driveway between my building and the next one, police tape closing down the area to non-residents, and 4 more cops on the back balconies of the building behind mine.  Eventually, they shot a dude and that ended it.  

-  Jana Winter laughed at a joke I made on Twitter.  

-  Scored free cards from Kevin:

The Diamond King

-  My razors don't work properly anymore.  I've been using the same kind for most of my adult life.  Now I have to butcher my face to get the hair off.  WTF. 


  1. Stopped shaving a long time ago, as I'm retired and don't give a bleep anymore.

    Good Job!👍

  2. I just saw a thing on the Twitter last night that reminded me of you. I didn't know that you were on there though. Is your handle shareable?

  3. Ten years ago, I shaved 4 days a week. Five years ago, 3 days a week. Then the pandemic hit... and I got hella lazy about shaving. I probably shave 3x a month.

    P.S. Neighbor drama doesn't sound fun. Neither does shopping for a new phone. I bought one either last year or the year before... and it was the price of a laptop.

  4. They shot a guy? Your summary makes it sound like a semi regular occurrence in your area. Electric razors are nice.

    The only times I really noticed folks trying to buy phones at Target are those phones targeted to the elderly or Iphones at Christmas time

  5. I've used the dollar shave club razors for years, but have noticed them getting worse and worse quality over time. Or maybe my face is getting bumpier.