Monday, August 1, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Standings

Through 25 rounds, or through the Senators.

Brett Alan - 145

Matt - 137

Bo - 136

Jafronius - 136

Fuji - 130

Nachos Grande - 124

Poison75 - 102

John Sharp - 99

Four others who are playing for a perfect page or not playing.

-  Brett Alan gave up some ground.  Will he miss a round?   

-  Bo and Jafronius each had a 32-point segment.

-  Bo is the current leader in points per entry. 

-  Jafronius has had the only perfect page.

The Yankees are a two-pager, so a perfect page will get a PWE.  

I've removed the 17-point requirement.


  1. Ouch! Lost what little breathing room I had despite a couple of 8s this week. I have a feeling that two-page Yankees will be my downfall as either Bo, Jafronius or both leap over me...

  2. 99...good enough for Aaron Judge and Wayne Gretzky.

  3. I've been going for the points-per-entry title, since I've missed a few. I'm doing lousy on the defunct teams though.