Thursday, August 4, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: White Sox

Ozzie Guillen was replaced after the contest started, so if you picked him you get a point.

You have 24 hours to submit your picks for the Evil Empire (Yankees).  

This is a two-page round, so pick 18 players please.  

The oldest card is from 1967.  

This is the last round, so make it count. 


  1. Mantle
    Reggie Jackson
    Catfish Hunter
    Bucky Dent
    Tommy John
    Jim Abbott
    C.C. Sabathia
    Paul O'Neil
    Mariano Rivera
    Aaron Judge
    Giancarlo Stanton

  2. Whitey Ford,Posada,Munson,Ruth,Gehrig,Mantle,Jeter,Guidry,Mattingly,Rivera,Reggie Jackson,Randolph,Pinella,Gamble,G.Nettles,Lyle,Gossage,Y.Berra

  3. Mickey Mantle
    Reggie Jackson
    Paul O'Neil
    Derek Jeter
    Don Mattingly
    Mariano Rivera
    Aaron Judge
    Whitey Ford
    Alex Rodriguez
    Andy Pettitte
    Bernie Williams
    Phil Rizzuto
    Mike Mussina
    CC Sabathia
    Dave Winfield
    Bobby Murcer
    Rickey Henderson
    Roger Clemens

  4. So hard when it is your own team!

    Stottlemyre, Howard, Murcer, Catfish, Reggie, Sparky, Goose, Nettles, Randolph, Mattingly, Winfield, Jeter, Bernie, Rivera, O'Neill, A-Rod, Sabathia, Judge

  5. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Thurman Munson, Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Sparky Lyle, Bernie Williams, Aaron Judge, Don Mattingly, Whitey Ford, Andy Pettitte, Dave Righetti, Graig Nettles, Bobby Murcer, Willie Randolph, Jorge Posada, Lou Piniella, Ron Guidry

    Good luck everyone. Thanks for the contest, EM!

  6. R. Jackson, D. Jeter, R. Guidry, W. Randolph, G. Nettles, C. Sabathia, A. Rodriguez, M. Rivera, T. Munson, D. Mattingly, B. Dent, C. Hunter, D. Righetti, G. Gossage, R. Henderson, J. Posada, T. Martinez, and B. Williams.

  7. When I typed I wouldn't mind if I finished 4th (since I got that perfect team pick), I wasn't expecting to miss a second team!

    Jeter, Bernie Williams, Posada, Rivera, Judge, Pettite, Reggie Jackson, Mattingly, Winfield, Willie Randolph, Maris, Mercer, Gossage, Sparky Lyle, Rickey Henderson, Righetti, Guidry, Whitey Ford

    This was fun!

  8. Whitey Ford, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge, Don Mattingly, Reggie Jackson, Bernie Williams, Thurman Munson, Ron Guidry, Andy Petitte, Goose Gossage, Dave Winfield, Jorge Posada, Rickey Henderson, Willie Randolph, Oscar Gamble, Bucky "F'ing" Dent and....Sparky Lyle! Thanks for the contest! Hopefully I managed to maintain my Top 3 standing!