Thursday, December 24, 2020

Cardbarrel Order


Chase Carter.  She was with Giancarlo Stanton, though I think she might be with a Dodger now.

Anyway, I got 23 cards - mostly MVPs, Cy Young Award winners, and Padres.  

-  1978 Topps Stargell -  1979 NL MVP

-  1978 OPC Carew -  1977 AL MVP

-  1981 Topps Ozzie - Padre 1978 - 1981

-  1980 OPC Winfield -  Padre 1973 - 1980 

-  1997 Fleer Pedro -  1997 NL Cy Young 

-  1972 Topps Freehan - 11-time All-Star, 5 Gold Gloves

The Freehan expert in the blogosphere:


  1. Terrific cards. Appreciate the shout out.
    Merry Christmas. 🎄⛄

  2. Always enjoy seeing Ozzie wearing a Padres jersey... even though I didn't become a fan of them until the mid 80's. His 1981 Topps card is a great looking card. Merry Christmas!

    1. Same to you.

      (I'm kind of doing a mini Padres collection - just a couple binder pages probably.)

  3. Those are great cards. I agree with Fuji that Ozzie in Padres colors is always a plus. Nice Rod Carew as well. Wish I had all those Carew cards from when I was a kid. He was so good. Good post.