Thursday, December 17, 2020


People have asked what I'm collecting, so here's a target list of sorts.  Some are more realistic than others.  Maybe we can trade some time, or maybe you're just here for the pictures.  Olivia and let live, I say.     

1982 Donruss Diamond Kings:  I have 18 of 26.   I need Rose, Trammell, Zisk, DeJesus, Kingman, Fisk, Ozzie Smith, and Singleton.

1983 Donruss Diamond Kings:  I have 17 of 26.  I need Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Palmer, Stargell, Rickey Henderson, Carlton, Bench, Joe Morgan, and Yaz.    

Super Bowl MVPs:  Jim Plunkett as a Raider and two Terry Bradshaws.  

Curt Flood:  1970 Topps or 1970 O-Pee-Chee

Tony Gwynn:  1983 Donruss (RC), 1983 Fleer (RC), or autographed card.  

Willie McCovey:  As a Padre.  

Maury Wills:  As a player.  I have his manager card, but it's a base stealers collection.  So yeah. 

Is that Emily Greinke?  Must be time to talk about pitchers.

AL Cy Young Award Winners:  McLain, Vida Blue (A's), Gaylord Perry (Indians), and Catfish Hunter (A's)

NL Cy Young Award Winners:  Bob Gibson, Seaver (Mets), Fergie (Cubs) 

AL MVPs:  Richie Allen (White Sox), Reggie Jackson (A's)

NL MVPs:  Torre (Cardinals), Rose (first Reds stint)              

I need a lot of more recent cards from those four categories, but I think I can get them from Cardbarrel.

Larisa's got the Braun, I've got the brains.  Or something like that. 


  1. "Opportunities" is probably my favorite Pet Shop Boys song. Do you want any Plunkett and Bradshaw cards, or do they have to be from their playing career/Super Bowl year?

    Same for the MLB Cy/MVP winners. I might be able to help you out if you're not picky about cards/years.

    1. I'm always picky, which is part of why I held out so long on posting this. Ha.

      The right team and while he was playing for them is what matters. The specific year isn't necessary.

  2. Great song. One more day until holiday break. I'll go through your list. And Chris... if you're reading this... I haven't forgotten about sending you some FB cards.

    1. That's Ryan Braun's wife. Though I think it's spelled differently in the song - "brawn".

  3. Did you ever get the emails I sent you?