Wednesday, December 23, 2020


I got a lot of problems with you people!

-  Bloggers who post cards in groups so I can't read the players' names.

-  Bloggers who do entire posts on the same set without being clear what set it is.

-  Bloggers with difficult want lists.  

-  Ultra Pro for not making binder sheets with slots for ho cards.  

-   Cards without the player name on the front or on there but difficult to read.

-  Minis.  

-  That blogger who posted an ode to Colin Freaking Kaepernick. 

-  Fake auto cards.

-  Unlicensed cards.  

-  James Lofton for not signing that card I never got around to sending him.  

-  Ryne Sandberg for not having a Phillies card.  

-  Panini for crappy customer service. Non-existent even. 

-  Box breakers.  

No more give-aways for you!

until 2021             


  1. Good festivus rant! I think the area i need the most work is the want lists thing. I just can't seem to make them useful!

  2. Who did the Colin Kaepernick post? I never saw it, and am genuinely curious.

    1. I'm more curious to know what "ho" cards are ;D

      - Ultra Pro for not making binder sheets with slots for ho cards.

      Wait. Maybe he meant horizontal cards. It's late and after seeing that blonde with the Latos jersey... my mind went another direction.