Thursday, February 24, 2022

Scoring from My Dealer


I gave up some cards for store credit which I used on these:

-  The '59 Snyder I got is flawed, but it's good enough for me.  

-  '69 Stargell

-  The Reggie was a mistake.  I thought it came out in '77, but it's from '97.  It was the cheapest of the three, so I'm not too broken up about it.  Available for trade.

Then I paid cash for this:

-  '73 Reggie with bad photography.  Ha. 

Images from TCDB, per usual. 


  1. Nice vintage. I was trying to find the flaws on the Snider... then I read the last line of the post.

    1. I've always gotten the pics from TCDB, because I don't have a cell phone or a scanner. Starting to think my blog isn't the focal point of your life.

  2. I might have some of the stars listed in your "other guys" list under baseball in '78 Topps. If they're listed there, you probably don't have them at all, correct?

    1. Depends. Some guys fit multiple collections. So I need multiple cards of them. Steve Carlton, for example, is in my Cy Young collection and in my Phillies team page.

  3. OK, checked further and I only have Ted Simmons in '78. I have a bunch of Pedros, and some Nomars, maybe Marianos, Maddux, etc.

    I have a '68 Gibson and a '66 Whitey Ford available.

    I also definitely have half of your 2015 Prizm Draft Picks guys from your football list. Email me at QAPLAGCA at yahoo.