Monday, February 7, 2022

Super Bowl (Closed to Entries)


U.S. or Canada only.

Previous commenters only. 

Comment with who you want to win.  

I'll consult the RNG twenty times and assign each number 0 - 9 for each team to a participant.  If less than twenty people enter, which I expect, people will get more than one number.  I will post people's numbers before the game starts.  Not sure exactly when, but probably on Friday.

Two winners based on the final score.  Example:  Bengals - 63, Rams - 0.  The winners would be whoever had 3 and whoever had 0.   

Deadline:  Thursday, Noon Pacific

Prize:  A PWE of football cards.  


  1. I'm not looking to acquire any more non-collection cards, so I'll sit this one out, BUT, I would like to see the Bengals win.

  2. I'll play just for fun - should I be one of the winners, I would like my prize added to the second winner's lot. I'm going for the Bengals.

  3. I'm a Bengals guy for the purposes of this!