Saturday, February 26, 2022

Card Draft Recap


So I got a slot in a card draft, sponsored by the Diamond King. 

The Diamond King

I sent him 9 cards and was able to draft 9 to get in return.  It was an 8-player draft, but 90 cards were available, because DK offered up 27 instead of 9.    

Round One:  

Best of the Rest:  Defgav (3) landed a 1970 Dal Maxvill. 

Me (2):  1973 Lou Brock

Round Two:  

Best of the Rest:  Nachos Grande (13) took a fancy Derek Jeter.

Me (15):  Dalvin Cook swatch card

Round Three:  

Best of the Rest:  Matt (23) took an arty Kirby Puckett.

Me (18):  Ichiro   

Round Four:  

Best of the Rest:  GTT (32) got an Ichiro. 

Me (31):  Rick Mahler.  My joke about his retired number fell flat.  

Round Five:  

Best of the Rest:  Bbcardz (37) snagged a modern Jackie Robinson.

Me (34):  Jeter

Round Six:  

Best of the Rest:  GTT (48) got a fancy Evan White.

Me (47):  J.D. Martinez   

Round Seven:  

Best of the Rest:  Matt (55) took a Deion Sanders.

Me (50):  Austin Riley

Round Eight:  

Best of the Rest:  Night Owl (59) took a Javier Baez insert.

Me (63):  Gerrit Cole

Roud Nine:  

Best of the Rest:  Diamond King (72) took an A-Rod.

Me (66):  Jeff Bagwell    

One thing that could have gone better was the interest level in the cards I sent.  With 10 groups of 9 cards, that's an average of 7.2 per group that got drafted.  Only 6 of mine got drafted.  

But I had a good draft, even if I wasn't sharing a bottle of champagne with an attractive woman.  

So I'll play again if I get the chance.  

(Images from the Diamond King.)


  1. That Cook card wins it. The Brock is also a good pickup.

    1. This will be my second Cook swatch card. I might be willing to trade the other one if you're interested.

  2. You picked up 3 of the cards I sent in (Cook, Mahler, Riley) and showed a couple others.

    1. Cool.

      It was definitely a baseball-heavy draft. DK was the only other person to take a football card and the basketball Hall of Famer went unclaimed.

  3. I was glad to have you. Oh, and I liked the Mahler joke, I was just too busy to do a decent reply.

  4. Great write up. Your first four picks were super strong. I actually think you and Gavin got the steals of the draft. I was surprised that the Whitaker rookie was still available in the 4th. Had I played, it would have been my first selection (Brock would have been my 2nd). But landing the Austin Riley rc in the 7th was fantastic. Reminds me of the Packers grabbing Donald Driver in the 7th round back in 1999.

    1. Thanks.

      I think Matt had a good draft. His first three picks were really solid, then he got good value in the 7th and 9th rounds.

  5. You did better than I when it came to submitted cards - only 5 of mine got drafted. The Brock card would have been my first pick too, but I knew it wouldn't last until the 7th pick!

    1. Seems like Night Owl won the unofficial submissions contest.

      The #1 pick was the fish card. Not sure what I would have done if he had taken the Brock. Take the Cook swatch or gamble on it still being there at 15 and take the shiny Jeter.

  6. Nice job with your draft! Interest is definitely piqued for next time.

    1. Thanks.

      There seems to be plenty of interest in another one. Not sure if DK wants to limit it to 8 again or if he'll expand it.