Thursday, February 10, 2022

Scoring from My Dealer


Unloaded some more cards and got another 2021 Topps Series 1 tin and a pack of soft sleeves for $20 plus the store credit. 

I will not be posting the highlights of the soft sleeve pack.

-  Vlad's son.

-  Yadier Molina stealing home.

-  The only masked card in the tin.

-  Tatis Jr.

-  cup card

-  1952 Topps redux

-  70 Years of Topps

-  1952 Topps redux - chrome

-  70 Years of Topps - chrome

Those last two don't look chrome on here, but they do in real life. 


  1. I was just here to see what was pulled from the pack of sleeves :)

  2. How could you leave out the soft sleeve picks??

  3. That Tatis base card is awesome! The past few years I've given Topps a hard time for a plethora of things... but they've definitely taken care of Tatis in regards to his Topps flagship base cards.