Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A to Z Challenge: P

Aired:  2009 - 2015 (seven seasons)
Vague Description:  The Parks Department of Pawneee, Indiana.
Starred:  Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman
Why Watch:  Aubrey Plaza, Offerman

Aired:  1997 - 2004 (eight seasons)
Vague Description:  Boston lawyers.
Starred:  Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams
Why Watch:  Williams, Lara Flynn Boyle, if you like legal dramas.
Dissenting Opinion:  It went downhill near the end due to left-wing politics and a silly story arc involving James Spader.

Aired:  2007 - 2009 (two seasons)
Vague Description:  A pie-maker, who can bring dead things back to life, helps solve murder cases.
Starred:  Anna Friel, Lee Pace
Why Watch:  Its whimsy.  Its blending of various genres. Friel. 
Honorable Mention:  Jim Dale's narration.


  1. Partridge show. Pit Bulls and Parolees- love this show because of all the work they do to help the dogs. Pinky and the Brain-love this show. Pink Panther show which I laughed especially with the ant and aardvark. Police woman...not bad but haven’t seen it in decades. The Prisoner from the 1960’s..a must see for every geek

    1. I did watch the Partridge Family, but I don't remember much.
      Heard of the next two - only seen one ep each at most.
      I didn't know Pink Panther was a TV show.
      Heard of Police Woman, but haven't seen any episodes.
      Had not heard of The Prisoner.