Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A to Z Challenge: U

Aired:  2006 - 2010 (four seasons)
Vague Description:  An unstylish young woman works for a prestigious fashion magazine.
Starred:  America Ferrera, Vanessa Williams
Why Watch:  It's on?
Honorable Mention:  Salma Hayek's guest appearances.
Dissenting Opinion:  It's only on here because 'U' is weak.  I have not seen any episodes of Upstairs Downstairs, though apparently it was good.


  1. I liked Ugly Betty but it did seem to derail near the end. I would choose Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack where they not only talked about unsolved crimes but UFO’s, dreams, monsters, ghosts etc... I’ve also watched Untold Stories from the ER which is pretty bad in acting but, if the6 are actual events, can be ...gross

    1. I'm kind of surprised it only lasted four seasons. It was definitely a show people knew about.

      I listen to Coast to Coast radio, so I get plenty of UFO and ghost stories.

      Not a fan of medical stuff.

  2. I never watched much Ugly Betty -it never really grabbed my attention. This is a hilarious blog challenge, though.