Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Cardbarrel Order

So I finally took the plunge and ordered a batch of cards from Cardbarrel.  I got 42 cards, so I won't show them all, but let's look at some highlights:  

1973 Topps #59 Steve Yeager Front    1973 Topps #437 John Kennedy Front  

1984 Topps #251 Tony Gwynn Front      1993 Classic Best Gold #198 John Dillinger Front

1993 Leaf #222 Deion Sanders Front     1993 Leaf #222 Deion Sanders Back

 2000 Topps #72 Brian Jordan Front     2020 Topps Big League #144 Will Smith Front

 -  Steve Yeager rookie card from 1973 Topps.  A co-MVP of the 1981 World Series and responsible for the throat protector for catchers. 

-  Another 1973 Topps.  Interesting that Kennedy is shown here in spring '73 when he supposedly died in November '63.  Was Abraham Zapruder a CIA agent? 

- Not the most interesting Gwynn, though I like it a lot more than his infamous Topps rookie butt shot.  

-  John Dillinger - robbing batters.  (You're welcome.) 

-  The Deion and the Jordan get me to one away on my Football Plus custom set.  (Waiting on you, Marquise.) 

-  Now we know the real reason Will Smith moved to the L.A. area.

1982 Donruss #3 Steve Garvey Front   1982 Donruss #4 Vida Blue Front 

1982 Donruss #13 Nolan Ryan Front   1982 Donruss #26 Gorman Thomas Front 

-  I got 11 1982 Donruss Diamond Kings, which brings me to 17 of the 26. 

2012 Topps Archives #190 Josh Hamilton Front   2018 Topps Gypsy Queen #169 J.D. Martinez Front 

1995 Collector's Choice SE #52 Carlos Delgado Front   1995 Collector's Choice SE #52 Carlos Delgado Back  

-  I completed the 9-card set of players who have hit four home runs in one MLB game during my lifetime.   

2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-16 Kelsey Grammer Front   2015 Topps - First Pitch #FP-03 McKayla Maroney Front 

2016 Topps - First Pitch (Series 2) #FP-15 Lea Thompson Front     2016 Topps Update - First Pitch #FP-6 Aubrey Plaza Front 

          2016 Topps Chrome - First Pitch #FPC-12 Tim McGraw Front

-  I got 16 of these First Pitch cards, from different sets 2015 - 2017.  

-  Maroney was a gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast.  

-  The last two are Chrome.  They look better in real life. 

-  McGraw's father (whose autograph I got in person) had a cup of coffee with the Mets before getting promoted to the Phillies. 


  1. Steve Yeager card is terrific. Gonna need one for my Catchers Binder, as well as Will Smith.

    1. Cardbarrel has a lot of cards. Kind of depends on how much time you have to search.

  2. Steve Yeager rookie and an Aubrey Plaza and the best year for Diamond Kings. Can't go wrong there.

    1. Yeah, I know I've been a vocal proponent of the Perez era Diamond Kings. But I think I might finish 1982 and 1983 and call it a day. (Already have 1991 completed.)

      The most notable first pitcher I saw was Julie Foudy for the Padres. Dodgers fans are spoiled. Ha.

  3. Lots of Dodgers jerseys in this batch--ya done good! I recently took the plunge with Sportlots and now seriously considering giving Card Barrel a try.

    1. The Dodgers dominated the First Pitch series. A bit understandable, because of Hollywood. But I expected a stronger showing from the Yankees.

      There's also a Will Smith who pitched for the Giants. But Bel Air is in L.A.

  4. Aubrey is hilarious. I'll watch her interviews every now and then on YouTube for a quick laugh. And those 1982 Donruss DK's are awesome. That's my 2nd favorite year after the 1984 design with the red, white, and blue county fair banner.

    1. I might have to look her up on YouTube. I know about her from Parks and Recreation.