Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Weekly Clean-Up



-  Still waiting for somebody's address so I can send him his prize from Ten On the Tenth.  And his prize from an earlier contest.    

-  It's occurred to me that I would like ho cards more if there were pocket sheets for ho cards.  A column of 4 ho slots and a column of 3 vertical slots maybe, instead of 3 columns of 3 vertical slots. 

-  I received a prize from the BFG at Johnny's Trading Spot:

2001 Fleer Premium #178 David Ortiz Front   2013 Panini Triple Play #14 Anthony Rizzo Front

 2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club #22 Manny Ramirez Front       2000 Topps - Limited #228 Mariano Rivera Front

1994 Collector's Choice #318 Mike Piazza Front         2019 Donruss Optic - Illusions #OI-4 Christian Yelich Front 

-  Ortiz from his pre-Red Sox Twins tenure.  

-  Rizzo during his stint as an old-timey umpire. 

-  Man Ram as an Indian.

-  Your run-of-the-mill Hall of Fame closer.

-  A nifty Piazza checklist card. 

-  A snazzy insert of 2018 NL MVP Christian Yelich.    

-  I picked third, after a B / W 1948 Warren Spahn and a set of 1986 World Series cards.  Had I gotten the WS cards, I would have stolen the Spahn.  I still thought about it, but here we are.   


  1. The 7 pocket page is a unique idea. Ultra Pro should make some and see if anyone buys it.