Friday, August 21, 2020

Scoring from My Dealer


So I bought 4 packs of 2007-08 Upper Deck Victory hockey.  Only 6 cards per pack, but one of the less expensive options. 

2007-08 Upper Deck Victory #1 Martin Brodeur Front   2007-08 Upper Deck Victory #86 Ed Belfour Front

2007-08 Upper Deck Victory #191 Rob Blake Front   2007-08 Upper Deck Victory #159 Joe Sakic Front

2007-08 Upper Deck Victory #26 Jaromir Jagr Front   2007-08 Upper Deck Victory #137 Markus Naslund Front

2007-08 Upper Deck Victory - Stars on Ice #SI18 Saku Koivu Front   2007-08 Upper Deck Victory - Stars on Ice #SI24 Scott Niedermayer Front

-  My 2nd Brodeur, less than a week after my first.

-  Belfour as a Panther. 

-  Jagr as a Ranger. 

-  Naslund as a Canuck, though that looks like a Whalers uniform to me.

-  A couple Stars On Ice inserts.  Not bad, but kind of boring.  

-  I like this set's base card design, though the photography is a bit mundane.  There is a set I'll be pulling from in the future that has a terrible design (way too many ho cards) but some excellent photography. 


  1. Kind of like the stars on ice. I've always the look of UD Victory sets. Clean and simple.

    1. It's simple, but they do some common sense things that other sets don't always do. Look how easy to read those names are. Team name, uniform number, and position are all on the front. Brand name obvious but not interfering with the photo. And they matched the color borders with the team colors.