Monday, August 10, 2020

Ten On the Tenth


U.S. and Canadian mailing addresses only.  

Only people who have previously commented on this blog.

Entry Deadline:  9:00 AM August 11 (Pacific)

To enter, comment below with the 10-card bundle you prefer.  So if you want baseball, you have 5 choices.  So on and so forth. 

Winner selected by the random number generator and notified in the comment section. 

Please only enter if you want cards.  

Bundle List 
BASEBALL (5):  Athletics (A's), Blue Jays, Braves, Cubs, Dodgers.  (A lot of junk era.  Some post-junk era.)     

BASKETBALL (2):  Dunking, early 1990s SkyBox.   

FOOTBALL (4):  Bills, Packers, low-level autographs, second chance (cards that went unclaimed in previous contests / give-aways).

HOCKEY (6):  Bruins, Devils, Nordiques, Whalers, Jets (early 1990s version), Maple Leafs.  (Mostly 1990-91 Upper Deck with some 1993-94 Score.)

MULTI - SPORT (1):  Low-level autographs.  This will be 2 baseball plus 8 of the football mentioned above. 


  1. Baseball.
    p.s. thanks for the pic of Danica!

    1. You need to pick one of the teams. Baseball is just the category.

      Also, you never sent me your address from your last win. Here's my email again: morganyud at protonmail dot com

      Danica was #10 in NASCAR.

    2. Whoa. That's Danica? Now I understand why Aaron Rodgers was interested in her. As for teams... I'm all about the Oakland Athletics.

    3. Now I have you down for two prizes - this one and the previous one. You'll get Tigers if you don't pick a team. Please send me your address.

  2. You're killing me offering up three of my favorite teams. How do I choose?

    I guess I'll take Packers. Thanks!

  3. Replies
    1. I need your address. morganyud at protonmail dot com

  4. I'll just send a bundle to everybody. Don't expect it to be like this in the future though. Ha.