Thursday, August 13, 2020

Scoring from My Dealer


So on Monday I started a new hockey box: 1998-1999 Topps.  Not as nice as 1990-1991 Upper Deck, but a bit cheaper.  I got 7 packs so let's peruse the highlights.

1998-99 Topps #215 John Vanbiesbrouck Front   1998-99 Topps #138 Mark Messier Front

1998-99 Topps #219 Wayne Gretzky Front   1998-99 Topps #230 Jonathan Cheechoo Front

-  Goalie mask greatness.

-  Star player / wrong team.  (Vancouver.  LOL)

-  Messier's caddie with the Oilers.

-  Cheechoo rookie card, as a Belleville Bull.  

1998-99 Topps - Board Members #B12 Scott Stevens Front   1998-99 Topps - Ice Age 2000 #I15 Nikolai Khabibulin Front

1998-99 Topps - Season's Best #SB3 Ed Belfour Front

-  One thing that seems to be better in this set is the quality of inserts.  All 3 of these are shiny, which doesn't really show up on the screen.   

-  I pulled the Jaromir Jagr and Patrick Roy base cards, but they're both ho cards.  So into the trade box they went.  

2020 Topps National Baseball Card Day #3 Ronald Acuna Jr. Front    2020 Topps National Baseball Card Day #19 Aaron Judge Front

-  Apparently the 8th was Topps National Baseball Card Day.  So he gave me a pack even though I missed it.  There's another one on the 15th. 

-  Looks like it's a 30-card base set with 5 cards in each pack.  A few autographed inserts, but they're rare.  Serial numbered.  

-  I also got Shohei Ohtani, Matt Chapman, and David Peralta. 


  1. I collected so much Topps hockey back then, (still have two full base sets) but I dont recall ever seeing that Khabibulin insert.

    1. It's a 15-card insert set. I have no idea what the frequency is.