Friday, August 7, 2020

Scoring from My Dealer


So I went ahead and finished his box of 1990 - 91 Upper Deck hockey.  

1990-91 Upper Deck #178 Mark Recchi Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #246 Pat LaFontaine Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #163 Peter Stastny Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #156 Cam Neely Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #176 Viacheslav Fetisov Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #153 Patrick Roy Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #267 Kirk Muller Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #214 Dave Taylor Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #206 Mark Messier Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #307 Wayne Gretzky Front 

-  Recchi's rookie card, from before he got promoted to the Flyers.

-  LaFontaine's a 100 Greatest selection.

-  Stastny's a 100 Greatest selection.

-  Patrick Roy is Patrick Roy.  

-   Muller:  I'm sorry.  I didn't see you there.

-  Taylor:  Man up, Wayne!  Sheesh. 

-  Only the best players win the Hart Trophy.  This brings me to 7 of the 9 award winners.

-   We close the box with a Gretzky / Kings checklist.  So now I have 17 of the 21 team checklists.


  1. That's a weird looking trophy Mr. Messier has there. Had no idea that's what it looked like.

    1. Yeah, I don't know what it's supposed to be. Looks like the cup style of trophy is popular in the NHL. But this is way different than those.