Friday, August 28, 2020

Cardbarrel Order


I don't know what Evan Longoria sees in her.  Anyway...

39 cards, so I won't show them all.

1958 Topps #267 Sherm Lollar Front   1959 Topps #493 Jim Landis Front

1960 Topps #70 Lou Burdette Front

1961 Topps #245 Joe Adcock Front   1965 Topps #140 Dean Chance Front

1969 Topps #362 Jim Maloney Front

-  1958 Topps.  Lollar had 7 All-Star seasons and won 8 Gold Gloves.

-  1959 Topps.  Landis was an All-Star in 1962 and won 5 Gold Gloves. 

-  1960 Topps.  Uncorrected Error card - it should be Lew.   He was a 2-time All-Star, a World Series MVP, and he threw a no-hitter in 1960.  

-  1961 Topps.  Adcock was an All-Star in 1960 and he hit 4 home runs in 1 game in 1954.  336 career home runs and 1,122 RBI.  

-  1965 Topps.  Chance was a 2-time All-Star, a Cy Young Award winner in 1964, and he threw a no-hitter in 1967.      

-  1969 Topps.  Maloney was an All-Star in 1965 and he threw 2 no-hitters - 1965 and 1969. 

1981 Donruss #328 Phil Niekro Front   1981 Donruss #338 Jim Rice Front

-  I got 5 1981 Donruss cards.  It was their first set, so I want a couple binder pages of good players. 

1988 Score #110 Roger Clemens Front   1988 Score #385 Tony Gwynn Front

-  I got 11 1988 Score cards.  This is another first set of the brand, so I'm building a couple binder pages of good players.  

1989 Upper Deck #117 Gary Pettis Front   1989 Upper Deck #147 DeWayne Buice Front

1989 Upper Deck #352 Jack Morris Front   1989 Upper Deck #609 Carlton Fisk Front

-  I got 17 1989 Upper Deck cards.  This is the third and last 'first set' that I'm devoting binder pages to. 

-  Pettis is showing the back of his own card.  

 1989 Upper Deck #117 Gary Pettis Back  

-  Buice owned a 12% share of the company.   


  1. Gary Petis looking at his own card is one of my favorites. Remember opening those first UD packs, getting the card. Not sure what I was looking at first, thought it was some special card at first.

    Good Job.

    1. I got it for 15 cents. So I'm happy with it.

      Didn't buy much UD back then. Mostly Topps and Donruss.

  2. 1981 Donruss was one of the first packs of baseball cards I opened. The local grocery store only carried Topps and Donruss, so my mom would buy me packs. Just not sure which was my first.

  3. Phil looks like one of those facial reconstructions that they do out of clay when a skeleton is found... it's kind of creepy!

  4. Hey Elliptical Man, it's Jay from Card Hemorrhage. How does one get in touch with you over electronic mail? I'm at

    1. I'll send you a message next time I log on to it. Maybe tomorrow.