Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Cardbarrel Order


41 cards, so I won't show them all.

1957 Topps #211 Camilo Pascual Front      1968 Topps #208 Willie Davis Front

1971 Topps #99 Mark Belanger Front      1973 Topps #44 Rick Monday Front

1975 Topps #430 Luis Tiant Front     1976 Topps #645 Darrell Porter Front

-  1957 Topps Pascual:  5 All-Star seasons, Twins Hall of Fame 

-  1968 Topps Davis: 2-time All-Star, 3 Gold Gloves    

-  1971 Topps Belanger: 1-time All-Star, 8 Gold Gloves, Orioles Hall of Fame   

-  1973 Topps Monday:  2-time All-Star 

-  1975 Topps Tiant:  3-time All-Star, Red Sox Hall of Fame

-  1976 Topps Porter:  4-time All-Star, World Series MVP, NLCS MVP   

-  A while back I mentioned abandoning my baseball frankenset for a new project.  Seems like a good time to announce that my new project is a Topps card from every year since the debut of the current size in 1957.  There are certain parameters, but I'll save them for the set completion post.

1983 Donruss #1 Fernando Valenzuela Front    1983 Donruss #20 Keith Hernandez Front

-  I got 16 of these 1983 Diamond Kings.  So I now have 17. LOL  

2004 SPx #15 Randy Johnson Front   2012 Topps Archives #153 Felix Hernandez Front

-  2004 SPx 

-  2012 Topps Archives

-  I now have a card of every pitcher to throw a perfect game in MLB during my lifetime.  All 14 are same team and year as the perfecto. 


  1. Very nice pickups! I love the idea for your new project (a Topps card from every year since the debut of the current size in 1957). I think your post just gave me some inspiration. I don't collect any pre-1969 cards (they never really interested me) but somehow I still have a handful in my possession. I just might have to acquire one pre-1969 Topps Dodger card for each year all the way back to 1952 or even 1951. This idea is really growing on me.

    1. The Dodgers had some good teams in the 1950s. Robinson, Campanella, etc.

  2. Card Barrel rules! Love the idea of a Perfect Game mini-collection, would be nice to see those immortals together, Sandy Koufax right next to Philip Humber.

    1. Ha ha.

      Koufax is pretty high up on my long shot wants list. Though he pitched before I was born, so I won't need him for any 'in my lifetime' mini collections.

  3. Damn. Kate is looking good. And that 75T Tiant isn't too shabby either. Any chance you'll show off the entire Perfecto PC in one post?